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Energy Saving Calculator

The energy saving calculator below allows you to determine how much energy and therefore, money you can save by using one of our products.  Follow the instructions below:

1. Enter the current type of bulb, wattage, price paid and number of bulbs currently being used, on the right hand side of the table. 

2. Select the LED light which you are interested in buying and how many you will need, on the left hand side of the table. 

3. Enter how many hours and days you will use the lights and the cost of electricity.

4. Select the 'Calculate Savings' button and you will see below how much money you can save in the next 5 years by using LEDs, compared to other types of bulbs. 

    LED Lights Traditional bulb type
Power per bulb (W)  
  ------------------------ *
Rated lifetime (hours)  
  * *
Operation in hours (per day)  
Operation in days (per year)  

Savings Result

Ratio of saving wattage    
Payback Time    
1st year Savings (£)    
2nd year Savings (£)    
3rd year Savings (£)    
4rd year Savings (£)    
5th year Savings (£)    

Accumulated cost-savings curve

This energy savings calculator is provided for estimating purpose only.
Actual energy savings may vary based on use and other factors.