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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding LEDs:

Q: What is an LED?

LEDs are solid-state devices (semi-conductors) which are small, solid, extremely energy-efficient and with no moving parts.  They emit light when a current passes through the die.  There are several components which are required to make a luminaire:

Q: When will incandescent bulbs be phased out?

Q: What are CFLs?

They are compact fluorescent lamps which fit into standard light sockets.  OPTEON® does not sell CFLs as there are many disadvantages to these products when compared to LEDs.  For example, they contain mercury and need to be disposed of carefully and the colour of the light has not been well received.

Q: What is the current legislation on climate change and reducing CO2 emissions?

There are a number of different guidelines in place for small to large businesses across Europe.  For example, in the UK visit the carbon trust website for more information (

The Energy Savings Trust and the Defra websites may also be useful.  Please select the following links:

Q: What Government loans are available?

Visit the Carbon Trust website, where you can read about carbon loans and also initiatives that your business or household could benefit from ( 

Q: I can find similar bulbs elsewhere.  Why are they cheaper?

There are many ‘similar’ products which are imported from China.  Although these products may look the same, they do not have the quality in the light they emit or the life expectancy. 

Q: Do LED lights flicker when they are switched on?

No.  They turn on and off instantly.

Q: Can you buy dimmable LED lights?

Yes. Most of our lamps are available in dimmable formats, but require specific dimmers and drivers.  Call us for more information.

Q: Does the colour of the light from LED bulbs match the colour of traditional bulbs?

All our lamps come in a choice of white colours, including cold white, neutral white and warm white.  The warm white bulbs are the closest colour match to the traditional bulbs.

Q: Which low voltage LED and which driver should I use?

We offer a range of LED light bulbs which are low voltage replacements, where the driver (also known as power supply or transformer) is integrated within the product.  In addition, we have products where a driver is required to reduce the voltage from 240 volts to 12 volts.  Please call us so that we can help you to select the best driver.